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Thread: new fairings

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    Name: Daniel Perez

    Default new fairings

    Does anyone know how much or if you can get new fairings for my 05 1000

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    Name: Hillbilly

    Default Re: new fairings

    You would need to scour the web and find piece by piece or hit up the stealership and max out the credit card. But, new paint and plastic sounds sexy
    When in doubt, power out!

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    Name: Kyle
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    Default Re: new fairings

    Most of the 05 fairings are on a worldwide backorder. Beware of the fakes on ebay...

    I just ordered a new tail section and front fender from Babbits and it will show up spring 2021 (I hope)

    It took me 6 months of searching on ebay to find a matching blue seat cowl. Good luck!

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