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Thread: "So now what?" (Emergency Repair).

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    Default "So now what?" (Emergency Repair).

    Yo Repsol dudes and dudettes, what's happenin'?

    Some may or may not remember my saga posted back in Aug regarding the "...and slay the dragon" tour, and some tire trouble I had with a valve stem.

    Here's a link:!-quot

    I mentioned this story to my local Honda dealer (WCK Honda, Corunna, Ontario) and about a week later I get a text from Todd the owner operator.

    "Hey Tony, saw this and thought of you. I've got a couple on the shelf if your interested."

    Here's what he found.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Colby_Valve_Emergency_Pack_Front_Black-cropped_1024x1024.jpg 
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    These are emergency replacement valve stems that can be installed from outside the tire.

    I've picked up a pair to carry in my tire repair kit for when my cadre of friends and I are on extended tour away from home. I realize that these may be of limited need for most of the Repsol members but maybe you tow a trailer, do some off-roading with a 4X4 or ATV, etc. If there's a chance you might tear a valve stem off, these could prove invaluable on that day.



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    Default Re: "So now what?" (Emergency Repair).

    Outstanding T !!!! I love it...gonna get me a pair......
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    Default Re: "So now what?" (Emergency Repair).

    I put 90 degree aluminum valve stems on the Repsol and the Triumph has always had metal stems though I imagine anything could happen. I got the auto club's 100 mile towing card but I can see your point.
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    Default Re: "So now what?" (Emergency Repair).

    Never heard of those. Interesting to say the least. May have to snag a pair of these.

    Good looking out Tony!
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