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Thread: An odd request...

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    Red face An odd request...

    I was out on the Repsol yesterday getting it inspected and doing a little shakedown run when I was stopped at a light and a minivan pulled up next to me and the woman driving asked me if I could pull into a parking lot and help her. There was an auto parts chain store up ahead and I pointed to it, she followed me into the lot. Now, in NY, you usually would just give the driver the finger and ride on, but she had a kid in the van with her and I thought she may have needed directions or something. I was curious. I get off the bike, she parks next to me and gets out. As I am taking off my helmet I see the kid (probably around 6 or 7) with his face pressed against the window staring at my bike. Then I noticed the handicapped plates and the wheelchair ramp/gate door on the passenger side of the van. Nervously, the woman approached me and said her son was disabled and in love with motorcycles. She told me when he saw me ride past them on Sunrise Highway, he tried to get out of his seat to get a better look at me as I rode. She had a very simple request, "Would you let me take a picture of you and my son next to your bike? It would mean the world to him." At that point, I wish I still had my helmet on because my eyes got a little misty. I said it would not be a problem and she looked relieved and ran around to the side of the van to get her son. Once he was out of the van and seated in his chair, he came over to the bike and lit up like a Christmas tree. He was completely enamored with the bike and amazed by it. She didn't want to inconvenience me further and told me she never would have asked if he hadn't been so excited to see my bike. I told her it was no bother at all and to take her time. I stood next to the bike, helmet in hand as she took a few pictures. When she was done, I asked her if she wanted me to take a picture of her and her son with the bike. Then I asked her if she wanted to sit him on the bike and I would take a picture for her. She was floored and asked if I was serious. I told her I was and it wasn't a bother at all. So she gets him out of the chair and sits him on the bike while holding him to make sure he didn't fall off. I took a few pictures and this kids smile was worth more than anything I own. She got him off the bike and put him back in his chair. I shook his hand and his Mom gave me a hug and thanked me to no end. I put my gloves and helmet back on, got on the bike and rode off as she got him situated in the van. The whole ordeal took about 20 minutes out of my life, but it created a memory for a remarkable young man who has a very tough road ahead of him. As I rode off, I felt both grateful for my health and sad that this kid was in the situation he was in. I guess the lesson here is to be grateful, be kind and when you think you have it bad, there is always someone fighting a battle we can't imagine.

    ...that and a Repsol just makes everything better!
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    You're a good guy Spy....
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    Awesome! We seem to get so bent on arguing this and that, sometimes it takes something like this to make you realize that it's so much easier being nice to each other. Something that you take for granted, means so much more to someone else. Thank you for sharing this.

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    I think the lesson here is, you're a good man Tom. You made that kids year!!! The world needs more people like you. Right on brother!!!!
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    Love seeing this more than any political discussion or anything else for that matter. You never know what battle someone is facing. It didnít cost you a dime but gave him and her more value than you know. And to top it off, you gave her and him a little faith back into humanity.

    My hats off to you sir! First round on me if we ever meet!!
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    Very cool story. Good on ya Spy!

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    Nice! Way better than people pulling next to you trying to race you in a Honda Civic or s4 or rs7 or ....

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