Ok so I have an odd issue. 2 years ago I went to change my plugs and one had a broken electrode. What Prompted me to check was an odd starting sound where it seemed there was a lag in the starter sound. Long story short I got the cylinders replated and the motor rebuilt (at a discounted price of $2700.00)
Anyhow. Get the bike back. It was running when I picked it up. Next day... same thing. When it's cold the starter has an odd skip to it and cold idle is rough (like 3 cylinders firing)
When it's hot bike starter sounds normal, bike has tons of power.
Starter and starter clutch are perfect
I have replaced the iacv (used one on ebay)
Have tried it with and without the PCV and bazazz zbomb installed and out. Same issue. My mechanic suggests getting it tuned but has no other thoughts
This link is someone else's bike but if you listen carefully you can hear the hesitation in the starter
Any ideas?