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Thread: Forum Update (Version 3.8.4)

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    Exclamation Forum Update (Version 3.8.4)

    You may be asked to log in again on your next visit.

    vBulletin 3.8.4

    Although it's not exactly according to the published release timetable, as we are still delayed by redirecting all resources available to prepare vBulletin 4.0 for its debut, vBulletin 3.8.4 is a maintenance version, which rounds up some usability related bugs, as well as address the problems for servers running PHP 5.3.0. 3.8.4 also addresses an issue with vbchop() causing PHP memory to hit memory_limit with very very very long posts filled with special entities on some non-standard configurations.

    Issues resolved by 3.8.4 include the following:
    • PHP 5.3.0 Depracated messages
    • PHP 5.3 Timezone Bug
    • Plus Characters in Email Addresses
    • Infractions and Infraction Points not showing correctly on "Search for Users"
    • Invalid URL falsely returned

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    Default Re: Forum Update (Version 3.8.4)

    I hate having to log make my life so hard....god dammit......

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    Default Re: Forum Update (Version 3.8.4)


    2007 #142 RIP because a b!tch couldn't wait three more seconds to turn. FYI-Rene's Clear Clutch Cover holds up to a good, solid pancake hit to the pavement.

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    Default Re: Forum Update (Version 3.8.4)

    Quote Originally Posted by JohnnyComeLately View Post
    I think the search function is broke. I searched for all posts by my name, nothing. I did a search for XDL, nothing.
    It's because the forum knows that even though you post a lot, you've never really posted anything.

    And searching for three letter words usually results in a big fat nothing.
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