Repsol Forum Swag

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Brake Reservoir Socks

The dark blue closely resembles the Repsol blue of the '05 and '07 and '09 models.

Well... it's black and gets along well with all of the Repsol colors.

The light blue does add a nice contrast to the overall scheme.
Dark Blue Reservoir Sock
$12.00 USD, shipped.

Black Reservoir Sock
$12.00 USD, shipped.

Light Blue Reservoir Sock
$12.00 USD, shipped.

Decals (Forum Logo)   Decals (Domain Name)

These full color die-cut vinyl decals are sold in pairs.
These white die-cut vinyl decals come in three sized and are sold in pairs.
Large (4.75 x 1.40)
$8.00 USD, shipped.

Large (11 x 1)
$8.00 USD, shipped.

Medium (8.5 x .75)
$6.00 USD, shipped.

Small (7 x 0.5)
$4.00 USD, shipped.

Key Chain   Kickstand Pad

The blue is transparent and the material itself is soft and bendable so as not to damage the bike when the key is in the ignition.
Bright orange kickstand pad with small Repsol Forum logo sticker.
Key Chain
$8.00 USD, shipped.

  Kickstand Pad
$15.00 USD, shipped.

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